Kottak: Mirror for Humanity: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, 11th edition

Written by a prominent scholar in the field, Conrad Phillip Kottak, this concise, student-friendly, current introduction to cultural anthropology carefully balances coverage of core topics and contemporary changes in the field. New to this edition, Connect® Anthropology offers a variety of learning tools and activities to make learning more engaging for students and teaching more efficient for instructors. Mirror for Humanity is a perfect match for cultural anthropology courses that use readings or ethnographies along with a main text.

ISBNS: 125981842X / 9781259818424
Publication Date: 9/12/17


New “Anthropology Today” boxes highlighting throughout important recent contributions as well as world events and issues in the news have been written. Each chapter also contains a new feature that I call “Think Like an Anthropologist,” which attempts to get students to do just that—to apply their critical thinking skills as an anthropologist might.


  • “The Subdivisions of Anthropology” features a thoroughly revised sub-section on “Biological Anthropology.”
  • The “Anthropology and Other Academic Fields” section has been fully revised and includes a new sub-section on “Cultural Anthropology and Sociology”
  • A new “Anthropology Today” box, “School of Hope,” has been added.

  • The opening section, “What Is Culture?,” has been fully revised, with a new introduction differentiating more clearly between society and culture, as well as new definitions of enculturation and popular culture. 
  • The “Mechanisms of Cultural Change” section includes a new discussion of pidgin languages. 
  • A new “Anthropology Today” box, “Preserving Cultural Heritage,” has been added.


  • The “Ethnography: Anthropology's Distinctive Strategy” section (formerly “Ethnographic Techniques”) features a new introduction with a clarified definition of ethnography, as well as a fully revised and expanded sub-section on “Problem-Oriented Ethnography. 
  • A new “Anthropology Today” box, “Online Ethnography,” has been added.

  • The “Nonverbal Communication” section includes a new sub-section, “Personal Space and Displays of Affection” (adapted from the previous edition's Chapter 2 “Anthropology Today” box). 
  • The “Sociolinguistics” section contains a new sub-section, “Linguistic Diversity in California” (adapted from the previous edition's Chapter 10 “Anthropology Today” box), as well as expanded discussion of regional speech patterns and examples of linguistic diversity within India. 
  • A new “Anthropology Today” box, “Words of the Year,” has been added.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 What Is Anthropology?
CHAPTER 2 Culture
CHAPTER 3 Doing Anthropology
CHAPTER 4 Language and Communication
CHAPTER 5 Making a Living
CHAPTER 6 Political Systems
CHAPTER 7 Families, Kinship, and Marriage

CHAPTER 8 Gender
CHAPTER 9 Religion
CHAPTER 10 Ethnicity and Race
CHAPTER 11 Applying Anthropology
CHAPTER 12 The World System and Colonialism
CHAPTER 13 Anthropology’s Role in a Globalizing World

Sample Chapter

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