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M: Marketing

Grewal / Levy: M Marketing 8e

Brief & highly-visual. Emphasizing how marketers and firms rely on value for establishing lasting relationships with customers.

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Grewal/Levy Marketing 8e

Comprehensive & current! Emphasizes how marketers add value to companies, customers and society!

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Marketing: The Core

Kerin/Hartley: Marketing The Core 9e

Engagement. Leadership. Innovation. Brief version offering balanced coverage of traditional & contemporary marketing theory and application.

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Kerin/Hartley: Marketing 16e

Rigorous, business-oriented, innovative. Updated regularly with emphases on social, marketing metrics, and decision-making.

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Marketing Loose Leaf

Hunt / Mello / Deitz: Marketing 3e

Everyone is a marketer! Focused on career readiness, personal brand development, and marketing’s relevance across disciplines.

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Essentials of Marketing

Perreault / Cannon / McCarthy: Essentials of Marketing 17e

Marketing strategy planning approach centered around the author-pioneered Four Ps framework and managerial skills orientation.

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Connect Master: Marketing Connect Online Access

Connect Master Marketing

Flexible, all-digital product that helps students connect concepts to application through adaptive learning and practical assessments.

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Connect® for Principles of Marketing

SmartBook 2.0

Most students don’t come to class prepared. With SmartBook 2.0 and its powerful personalized learning experience, you can give students the tools to change that. Have students learn the basics before they come to class, so you can be the educational expert that leads students to more “aha moments”. More Personalized.  More Productive.  More Prepared.

Application-Based Activities (Marketing Mini Sims/Practice Marketing)

The Connect Application-Based Activities are highly interactive, automatically graded online exercises that provide students a safe space to practice using problem-solving skills to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Students take on the role of a Marketing Manager and work through multiple decision-making paths to complete assigned goals. Each scenario addresses key concepts and skills resulting in improved critical thinking and relevant workplace skills.
Click the video to the right to see a brief demo of the Marketing Mini Sims. Click the video link below to learn more about Practice Marketing.

Connect Exercises

We take students higher up Bloom’s with assignable digital assets that drive a deeper level of content understanding. Take students from simple memorization to concept application by assigning a variety of exercises including animated videos, case analyses, marketing analytics exercises, video cases, marketing plan prep exercises and more!