Communication courses that motivate students and drive engagement are just a click away. Scroll down to browse powerful tools and resources that promote learning.


Communication courses that motivate students and drive engagement are just a click away. Scroll down to browse powerful tools and resources that promote learning.


Communication courses that motivate students and drive engagement are just a click away. Scroll down to browse powerful tools and resources that promote learning.


Communication courses that motivate students and drive engagement are just a click away. Scroll down to browse powerful tools and resources that promote learning.

Connect Communication

Connect Communication provides a flexible, highly-interactive learning environment designed to connect students to success in Communication courses. Groundbreaking adaptive technology, engaging media, and dynamic exercises help students master important concepts and save instructors time.

Connect Communication Features


SmartBook is an interactive reading and learning experience that continually assesses a student's comprehension and retention of course material, and actively customizes the content in response to the student’s unique learning behavior.


LearnSmart interacts with and engages students and helps encourage a more rigorous approach to reading while reinforcing the importance of critical thinking.

Enhanced Speech Capture

Designed for use in face-to-face, real-time classrooms, and online courses, enhanced speech capture allows you to easily evaluate your students’ speeches using fully customizable rubrics.


Speech Preparation Tools

This suite of tools aids students with all facets of speech preparation, from selecting a topic and outlining their speeches, to creating audience analysis questionnaires and properly citing sources.

Speech Preparation screenshot

Time-Saving Tips

Using examples from The Art of Public Speaking by Lucas, Dr. Cochrane explains the benefits of starting with 'baby steps' when first starting Connect.

Connect Communication Titles

Connect Online Access Card for Mass Communication
8th Edition, By Stanley Baran

Connect Online Access Code for iSpeak
5th Edition, By Paul Nelson, Scott Titsworth and Judy Pearson

Connect Online Access for Public Speaking Matters
1st Edition, By Kory Floyd

Connect Online Access for Human Communication
5th Edition, By Judy Pearson, and Paul Nelson and Scott Titsworth and Lynn Harter

Connect Online Access for Intercultural Communication in Contexts
6th Edition, By Judith Martin and Thomas Nakayama

Connect Online Access for Interpersonal Communication
2nd Edition, By Kory Floyd

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Teacher in front of a Class

Thought Leadership Webinars

How can we redefine current grading systems to encourage innovate learning in our classrooms? Can we create a fair grading system that focuses on deeper, more application-based learning, that curbs rote learning? In this session Travice Baldwin Obas will facilitate discussions that will include ideas to encourage teachers to dive deeper into their courses and develop more of a coaching perspective with their assessment of student performance.

Your part-time teaching doesn’t have to mean a part-time learning experience for your students. Join Rachelle Biderman, Instructor of Communication Studies at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. We'll discuss best practices in the classroom, ranging from creating community to innovative strategies to engage students while maximizing your valuable time.

This session will cover what a reflective student is and why that quality is a valuable trait to encourage. Liz Emmert of Kutztown University will review tools that are available to achieve this end and why she decided to use them. In addition, we’ll discuss strategies to achieve the flipped course model and how that also moves the student into the understanding and value of reflective thinking.

Public Speaking For College & Career, 11e Gregory

To preview preface, TOC, and sample chapters

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Public Speaking 11e

Author Spotlight

Featured Author: Kory Floyd


Kory Floyd is a professor of communication at the University of Arizona. His research focuses on the communication of affection in close relationships and its effects on stress and physiological functioning. He has written 15 books and over 100 scientific papers and book chapters on the topics of affection, emotion, family communication, nonverbal behavior, and health. He is the immediate past editor of Communication Monographs and former editor of Journal of Family Communication. One of his most recent books, The Loneliness Cure, examines the problem of affection deprivation and identifies strategies for increasing affection and intimacy in close relationships. As an educator, he teaches courses on health communication, emotional communication, close relationships, communication theory, and quantitative research methods. A native of Seattle, Professor Floyd received his undergraduate degree from Western Washington University, his masters degree from the University of Washington, and his PhD from the University of Arizona.


  1. Charles H. Woolbert Award for influential communication scholarship, National Communication Association

  2. Bernard J. Brommel Award for outstanding scholarship in family communication, National Communication Association

  3. B. Aubrey Fisher Award for top article published in Western Journal of Communication, Western States Communication Association

  4. Gerald R. Miller Book Award, National Communication Association, Interpersonal Communication Division

  5. Gerald R. Miller Early Career Achievement Award, International Association for Relationship Research

  6. Steve Duck New Scholar of the Year, International Network on Personal Relationships

  7. Outstanding Doctoral Mentor, Arizona State University


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Jennifer Cochrane

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