X-Zone is an exciting nonfiction series for reluctant readers in grades 3–6+, written at grades 2–3 reading levels. These engaging books about high-interest topics capture students’ interest, while supportive text features help struggling readers derive meaning from their reading.

Lesson plans for each title help students develop metacognitive strategies, vocabulary skills, and comprehension strategies for reading nonfiction. In addition, each student book is correlated to the National Science Educational Standards or to the National Council for the Social Studies Curriculum Standards.

About the Program

X-Zone features text support for struggling readers:

  • Questions on the cover stimulate interest and generate predictions
  • Table of Contents shows text organization (main ideas and details)
  • High-interest visuals and intriguing graphics
  • Straightforward language and sentence structures
  • Text in manageable chunks and shorter line breaks
  • Larger font and extra spacing between lines
  • Critter characters interact with readers (clarify, expand, question, stimulate thinking)
  • Sidebars and breakout boxes provide interesting trivia
  • Student-friendly definitions within text and in Glossary
  • CD-ROM provides vocabulary and comprehension practice activities

Each lesson plan features:

  • One metacognitive strategy, such as making connections, visualizing, making predictions, and self-questioning
  • One comprehension strategy, such as identifying main ideas, summarizing, drawing conclusions, understanding question/answer relationships, sequencing, organizing information, comparing/contrasting, and identifying cause/effect
  • One vocabulary skill, such as structural analysis, context clues, and functions of words


Classroom Sets, 1-4

  • 12 different books; 1 6-pack of each
  • 12 Lesson Plans

6-packs of each book

  • For whole-class or larger group use

Library Set

  • 1 copy of each of the 24 different books




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