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Grounded in decades of literacy research and a proven history of efficacy in the classroom, SRA Open Court Reading has been building strong readers, writers, and thinkers for more than 60 years.

About the Program

Underpinned by findings from learning theory and cognitive science—also known as the Science of Reading—and proven to achieve reading gains in a diverse range of readers from beginning to fluent, Open Court Reading is research-validated as well as research-based. A carefully crafted instructional plan and a purposeful progression of skills empower teachers and help make research actionable. By recognizing foundational skills as critical building blocks, Open Court Reading prepares students for a lifetime of literacy and learning.
  • Built on the Science of Reading, Validated by Research
For more than 60 years, research has been the mainstay of Open Court Reading. Built upon findings from original learning theory and cognitive science, and balanced with teacher input and modern research on literacy development, Open Court Reading delivers undeniable results for learners at every level.

  • Instruction that Turns Research into Action
The Science of Reading is only a body of research unless it's made actionable. Through systematic, explicit instruction and a scope and sequence that follows a purposeful progression of skills—first build a strong foundation, then build upon that foundation—Open Court Reading empowers teachers to turn research into action every day.
  • Foundations for Lifelong Literacy
Literacy research consistently shows that complex learning cannot take place without strong foundational skills. Open Court Reading provides students the building blocks needed to read and comprehend texts across genres, synthesize information to develop and discuss complex thoughts and ideas, and become fluent storytellers themselves.

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