Everyday Math 4 Program Overview Everyday Math 4 Program Overview

Research & Success


The University of Chicago Mathematics Project

Everyday Mathematics is developed by education researchers at the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP). This group is dedicated to helping children learn mathematics using a research-based approach.

Everyday Mathematics is the most research-grounded and field-tested elementary mathematics program available today.

  • When the program was developed, each lesson was field tested at each grade for a full year
  • 800+ students participated in field testing 170 lessons
  • Open Response problems, as well as Open Response and Reengagement Lessons were field tested by 1,400+ students

Why Didn’t EdReports Review Everyday Mathematics?

When EdReports began its initial review process in 2014, Everyday Mathematics 4 was still in development. Everyday Mathematics will be reviewed in Spring 2016.

Success Stories

There is no better evidence of the program’s effectiveness than the children with increased confidence and excitement about math which has led to gains in achievement across the country.

Horry County, South Carolina Exceeds Standards

Students in Horry County consistently outperform their peers across the state, both in overall mathematics proficiency and in proficiency with each state standard.

For example, for domain 2, Number and Operations, the students of Horry County rate at an average of 4 points higher than the entire state in each grade.

High Achievement in Denver

Denver's diverse student population made significant gains in all grades on the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program with the help of Everyday Mathematics. Since implementing new standards in 2009, the percentage of students performing at or above proficiency has increased more than 10% in each grade.

Conejo Valley Outperforms State of California

Long-time users of Everyday Mathematics, Conejo Valley consistently outperforms the state of California on the California Standards Test in Mathematics.

In addition, scores at the state level decline sharply in upper grades, but scores in Conejo Valley remain high.

Waukee Community School District Sustains Success

Long-time users of Everyday Mathematics, elementary students in Waukee, IA consistently demonstrate higher proficiency than their peers accross the state, gains that remain consistent through middle school.

White Papers

Learn More about the Research Behind Everyday Mathematics

Development of each version of Everyday Mathematics begins with a research phase during which the authors review the most current research available related to how children learn. These white papers summarize some of the research behind the program.