50 Years of Success. One Powerful Curriculum.
A Lifetime of Literacy.

With a legacy of success spanning over 50 years, Open Court Reading is backed by research into how students learn to read. Yet, the program continues to evolve to meet the rigorous and changing demands of today’s classrooms, as well as the ever-changing needs of students and teachers alike. With success stories across the country, Open Court Reading has touched thousands of students across all levels of literacy to build strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

What Makes the Difference?

Explicit and Systematic Instruction

Direct and engaging, the instructional model in Open Court Reading aligns with what researchers know about how all students learn humankind’s most complex skill—reading!

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Research-Based and Validated

Open Court Reading was developed based on research and it continues to evolve through ongoing studies.

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Differentiation to Ensure Success for All

Resources and strategies, along with a carefully crafted instructional plan, ensures an equal level of rigor for all students, with built in time for differentiation that supports equity in instruction.

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My Perspective:
Teachers Talk About Open Court Reading

Open Court Reading is making a difference in classrooms around the country. Check out some of our testimonials here.

Open Court Reading has made me love my job again because I can see the results.

Leanne Dobson, 1st Grade Teacher. Marysville District Schools

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