StudySync 6-12 Literacy Curriculum: Pedagogy & Features

Pedagogy of StudySync

Differentiated Resources to Reach Every Student

Differentiation tools and resources are built into every lesson and are designed to help all levels of readers—beginner, intermediate, and advanced—access critical, core content. English learner support within StudySync allows students to:

  • Interact with ELA content in meaningful ways through collaboration.
  • Understand how to use the English language in written and spoken form.
  • Use English purposefully to inform, persuade, and entertain.

The vast library within StudySync® is available in digital format—and it’s always growing! Over 1,500 texts include the following:

  • Current and classic literature, including drama and poetry
  • Informational texts
  • Complete text selections
  • Text excerpts
  • Authentic Spanish titles
  • StudySync® TV episodes: award-winning, short, scripted videos that model student collaboration and academic discussion

Paperback novels are also available.

Support for English Learners

Overview of Support for English Learners (ELs)

StudySync® supports literacy and skills development for all students, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced EL. All lessons include Access Path resources, such as sentence frames, graphic organizers, glossaries, and tools for use in whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction.

StudySync also provides the following:

  • Lexile®-leveled library items
  • Audio playback of text with variable audio speeds
  • Audio highlighting of text with tempo control that allows students to both see and hear how syntax and grammar shape language
  • Dynamic and interactive vocabulary instruction
  • StudySync® TV and SkillsTV videos that effectively support the development of English fluency skills
  • Lexile®-leveled, social-media-like Blasts assignments that connect students to current events