Pedagogy and Features for Illustrative Mathematics

A Research-Based Math Curriculum for 21st Century Learners

Illustrative Mathematics offers rich, engaging content that is focused, coherent, and rigorous. The program is designed to deliver instruction driven by student discourse and problem-solving, equipping all students to thrive in mathematics. McGraw Hill is the only partner that delivers Illustrative Mathematics content in an engaging, teacher-friendly format.

Unique Features Delivered by McGraw Hill

The highly rated Illustrative Mathematics program delivered by McGraw Hill with features only we can provide:

  • All student activities are available digitally
  • Autoscored practice problems provide immediate feedback
  • Color print resources engage students
  • Improved layout of teacher materials support instruction more efficiently
  • Reliable service and support from a team you already know and trust.
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Launch digital versions of lessons to present content to students

Developing Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Fluency

As each unit progresses, students are systematically introduced to representations, contexts, concepts, language, and notation. As their learning progresses, they make connections between different representations and strategies to consolidate their conceptual understanding.

They see and understand more efficient methods of solving problems to support the shift toward procedural fluency. The distributed practice problems give students ongoing practice, which also supports developing procedural proficiency.

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Applying Math to the Real World

Students have opportunities to make connections to real-world contexts throughout the materials. Carefully chosen anchor contexts are used to motivate new mathematical concepts, and students have many opportunities to make connections between contexts and the concepts they are learning.

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Top Rated by EdReports

Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 content meets expectations in all EdReports Gateways, an independent nonprofit that reviews K–12 instructional materials for focus, coherence, and rigor.

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