Grades 6–8

Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 A Middle School Math Curriculum

The Power of Problem-Based Instruction

Students learn best when they solve problems. Decades of research show that traditional models of direct instruction and follow-up practice are flawed. Student tend to forget procedural skills and do not develop strategies for tackling non-routine problems or engage in productive struggle.

Our problem-based curriculum designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all. Students are encouraged to take an active role to see what they can figure out before having things explained or being told what to do. Teachers can shift their instruction and facilitate student learning with high-leverage routines that guide them in understanding and making connections between concepts and procedures.

Components for Illustrative Mathematics 6–8

Grade 6 Student Components

McGraw Hill Illustrative Mathematics is available in print, digital, and a hybrid of both, including the option to bundle with ALEKS® Personalized Learning.

Student Edition, Two Volumes

The write-in Student Editions come as a two-volume set and are full-color, perforated, and 3-hole punched.

Student Digital Center

The Student Center includes all student materials delivered online for complete digital interactive functionality.

Grade 6 Teacher Components

Teacher Edition, Two Volumes

The spiral-bound Teacher Editions come as a full-color, two-volume set.

Pacing Guide

Teacher Digital Center

The Teacher Center includes all teacher materials delivered online for complete digital interactive functionality.

Implementation Guide

Use the spiralbound, full-color, 6–8 Implementation Guide to learn more about the program's design principles, the structure of a typical lesson, and the intended use of the materials.

Beyond Middle School Core Math: Personalized Learning

ALEKS® is an online personalized learning solution for grades 6–12 and can be bundled with Illustrative Mathematics to provide targeted, supplemental assessment and instruction. It uses artificial intelligence to identify and provide instruction on the topics each student is most ready to learn.  Learn more about ALEKS.