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Getting Started

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Professional Learning

Want to learn more about implementation and program support options?

Review the Reveal Math Implementation and Professional Learning Resources Brochure to learn about the library of videos available to help you support your students in the classroom.

Exclusive Resources

Discover these valuable resources from the Teacher Digital Center.

Ignite! activities begin every module of Reveal Math and spark students’ interest before they tackle new topics.

Cheryl Tobey Formative Assessment Math Probes help uncover and address student misconceptions in each module.

How to Navigate the Teacher Digital Center:

Click the  1  Course Navigation Menu to go to a module page then click the  2  Launch menu to find an Ignite! activity. To get to the Cheryl Tobey Formative Assessment Math Probe, click the  3  Review and Assess menu.

Take Another Look mini-lessons are a Tier 2 intervention resource that provides students with direct support on the related lesson objective to get them back on track.

How to Navigate the Teacher Digital Center:

From the course view, open up the  1  Course Navigation Menu, select a lesson, and then click the  2  Additional Resources menu to access the Take Another Look mini-lessons.


Tips from the Authors

Learn Cutting-Edge Strategies for Your Classroom From Reveal Math Expert Authors

Productive Struggle in the Mathematics Classroom - Dr. Cathy Seeley

Watch Dr. Cathy Seeley, expert advisor for Reveal Math, share her insights on the role teachers can play in creating and fostering productive struggle in a rigorous mathematics classroom.

Promoting Growth Mindset in the Classroom - Dr. Raj Shah

Reveal Math and Ignite! author Dr. Raj Shah shares his two favorite ways to promote growth mindset in the classroom.

How Students Benefit from Formative Assessment - Dr. Cheryl R. Tobey

Cheryl R. Tobey, Reveal Math author of Math Probes shares her insights on how students benefit from formative assessment.

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