6–12 Pilot Center

Tours and Walkthroughs

Lesson Walkthrough Video​

See how to implement interactive digital resources throughout the program's three-part lesson model: Launch, Explore and Develop, and Reflect and Practice.

Reveal Math 6–12 Differentiation Resources​ Video

Explore differentiation resources available throughout the print and digital components of Reveal Math for grades 6–12.


Review the numerous print and digital practice opportunities available throughout Reveal Math 6–12 courses.

Digital Assignments Walkthrough

Learn how to select and customize assignments in Reveal Math 6–12.

Assessment Walkthrough Video​

Explore assessments available at the Course, Module, and Lesson level in Reveal Math. Learn how to navigate, preview, and edit assessments in the Teacher Digital Center.​

Reporting Dashboard Walkthrough

Learn about the features and capabilities available through the Reporting Dashboard.

Tips from the Authors

Learn cutting edge strategies for your classroom from our expert authors.