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Getting Started

As you begin implementing Reveal Math in your classroom, you'll find a wealth of interactive digital resources embedded throughout the program for both you and your students. Digital Technical Support specific to Reveal Math is only a click away and includes video tutorials and guides to help make the most of your digital experience.

Explore the Program

Welcome to Reveal Math

Quick-start digital walkthrough videos within each course offer you and your students navigational support for the digital centers and locating online resources.

From the Course Menu, select Program Overview: Learning & Support Resources.

Exclusive Digital Resources

Take Another Look

Take Another Look digital mini-lessons provide actionable data to help inform instruction while supporting each student with a gradual-release activity featuring three phases: modeling, interactive practice, and a lesson check.

From the Course Menu, select a lesson and open the Differentiate menu.

Math Replay Videos

Math Replay Videos align with the lesson presentation for the day. These videos are one to two minutes in length and provide an overview of the lesson concept that students and guardians can use as a reference while practicing or completing independent work.

From the Course Menu, select a lesson and open the Practice and Reflect menu.

Classroom Success Resources

Reveal Math has dedicated professional development resources that help teachers excel and in-class activities that encourage a growth mindset and agency in students. Watch these insight videos, which provide an overview of the concepts students will learn along with in-class teaching tips from Reveal Math authors.

Math Is…Unit

The first unit in every grade is the Math Is...Unit, which focuses solely on developing a growth mindset. This unit helps students and teachers understand math as a set of problem-solving strategies instead of an end result. It also defines classroom norms by incorporating meaningful supports for students to take ownership of their own learning journey, such as time for daily reflection, classroom discourse, collaboration opportunities, and daily Math Is... prompts.

Ignite! Activities

Ignite! activities, written by Dr. Raj Shah, launch every unit and spark curiosity in your students. Ignite! activities help students cultivate curiosity, accept challenges, engage in trial and error, embrace "failure" as part of the learning process, work together, and explore math through play.

From the Course Menu, select a unit and open the Ignite! menu.

Reveal Math Pedagogy from the Authors

Learn more about the pedagogy of Reveal Math and how it is supported with embedded point-of-use professional development resources throughout the program by exploring our pedagogy page. Explore these cutting-edge strategies for meeting the needs of every learner in your classroom from authors:

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