Grades K–5

COMING in 2021!

Reveal Math K–5
An Elementary Core Math Curriculum

Reveal the Full Potential in Every Student

All students should see themselves as doers of mathematics. With sense-making skills, critical problem solving, and the integration of social-emotional learning, Reveal Math values student ideas and student identity. Our goal is to reveal that math is powerful, is all around us, and is for everyone.

How Our Elementary Math Curriculum is Designed

Reveal Curiosity

Elementary students listening with interest to a teacher speaking

Curiosity is what motivates students to take on challenges, persevere, and ask the questions that help to connect their thinking. Reveal Math is built to support a classroom culture that encourages this type of thinking and fosters social and emotional learning.

Reveal Understanding

Elementary students raising their hands in class

Math is not just about the right answers, but the process of discovering them. Reveal Math's research-based instruction honors sense-making as a key math attribute towards developing critical problem-solving skills and richer and deeper understanding.

Reveal Possibilities

Elementary students looking at a tablet with their teacher

Insightful instruction reveals the possibilities teachers have to address the needs of all learners. Reveal Math uses data to show where students are and what they need next to deliver learning that is growth oriented and supports equity.