Grades K–5

New In Wonders © 2023

The Wonders You Know, With the Enhancements You Want

You’ve come to trust Wonders for its complete standards alignment, rich authentic literature, and ability to reach students, giving all of them an opportunity to succeed. Thanks to feedback from trusted partners like you, Wonders is back and better than ever. You’ve asked for stronger phonics instruction, enhanced writing to sources, more time to engage with texts, and additional support for English Learners—and we’ve listened.

In Wonders © 2023, you will enjoy a multitude of enhancements, providing you and your students with additional resources for success. These changes will empower your students to take a more active role in learning as they explore the world through text—across time, across borders, and across cultures.

On this page, you will learn how Wonders has improved to better meet your needs:

Improved Phonics Instruction and Visibility

New enhancements make phonics explicit and bring it to the forefront of instruction, ensuring complete coverage for every student.


Extended Opportunities for Students to Put Their Ideas into Writing

Prepare your students for success on high-stakes assessments with all-new extended writing opportunities for grades 2–5. The format is designed to mirror the reading-based writing prompts students will encounter on the SBAC, PARCC, and AIR assessments, so they’ll be ready come test day.


Access, Support, and Success for English Language Learners

Wonders ELL components provide unparalleled support for English language acquisition in all four domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Check out the extensive support in the ELL Small Group Guide.


Growth and Exploration through Student Agency and Social and Emotional Learning

When students feel empowered to take control of their learning, they develop self-confidence that benefits them both in and outside of the classroom. The new Wonders more deeply and visibly integrates student voice and choice into instruction, driving empowerment by giving children opportunities to evaluate their needs and interests.