Resources for Classroom Fun

Wonders Videos, Classroom Tools, and More!

Engaging resources make learning feel less like work and more like play. Here are just some ways that Wonders and McGraw-Hill can help you inspire students in your classroom

Wonders Engaging Videos

Videos are a great way for kids to learn about sounds, music, and following instructions. Below are just a few interactive videos you can find on the Wonders digital platform.

V is for Volcano

Instructions Video: Teach students the lyrics and movements.

Performance Video: Now that you know the lyrics and dance moves, it’s time to have some fun!

Pinterest: Classroom Ideas and Resources

McGraw-Hill's Pinterest page is full of ideas for your classroom. Some of these board include:

Other Classroom Tools

On her website, educational consultant and Wonders contributing author, Kathy Bumgardner, offers interactive classroom literacy tools that combine research-based instruction, best practices, and positive humor to promote engagement and support your classroom.

Explore the elementary literacy tools on Kathy's website.