Key Partners

We designed Inspire Science to be intuitive, comprehensive and fun. That’s why we partnered with The Concord Consortium and Filament Games to design and develop simulations and digital learning games to connect students to scientific concepts and real world application to-to deepen and reinforce conceptual understanding.

The Concord Consortium

The Concord Consortium

The Concord Consortium is a nonprofit educational research and digital learning organization focused on delivering the promise of technology for education in science, math and engineering. The Inspire Science simulations, created in partnership with The Concord Consortium, allow students to explore cause and effect in ways that scientists and engineers do in real life and enable them to model concepts otherwise not possible to explore in the classroom.

"Research-based models and simulations have a demonstrated ability to help students learn, particularly about concepts that they can’t easily experience directly,” said Chad Dorsey, President and CEO of Concord Consortium. “The scientifically accurate simulations we’ve co-developed for Inspire Science help make the invisible both visible and experiential to bring out the inner scientist in students and teachers alike."

— Chad Dorsey, CEO

Filament Games

Filament Games

Filament Games creates digital learning games and interactives designed to foster 21st-century skills through experiential learning. The immersive games included with Inspire Science, developed in partnership with Filament Games, enable students to “play” with the lesson concepts to deepen conceptual understanding.

"We’re thrilled to partner with McGraw-Hill on Inspire Science,” says Lee Wilson, CEO of Filament Games, “This curriculum is a fantastic, forward-thinking example of how our industry can embrace digital content to engage students and strengthen classroom practice."

— Lee Wilson, CEO

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