Bjelland, Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, Updated AP Edition, © 2023, 13e

Comprehensive in content, current in data, relevant in interpretation, and fully aligned to the AP Human Geography framework, this program conveys the richness and breadth of human geography.

About the Program

This 2023 update of Human Geography, AP Edition, delivers content that truly aligns with the AP Exam and course framework. This program also includes the addition of free-response questions in the A-G format at the end of each chapter and within the new, complete AP Practice Exam.

With full coverage of the AP skills and content, the program seeks to introduce students to the scope and excitement of geography while helping them develop an awareness of its relevance to their daily lives and fostering their role as informed citizens.

Human Geography conveys the richness and breadth of human geography and provides insight into the nature and intellectual challenges of the field of study. Fully comprehensive in content, current in data, relevant in interpretation, and aligned to the AP Curriculum Framework, this AP Edition leads students through an exciting exploration of AP Human Geography and supports success in their coursework and on the Exam.

AP features include:
Full alignment to the AP Human Geography Framework.
Chapter opener correlations to AP Learning Objectives.
AP Key Terms highlighted at point-of-use.
End-of-chapter AP practice with FRQs in A-G format.
Free-response questions that assess students’ grasp of concepts and skills throughout each chapter.
Digital skill and unit reviews, practice exams, and writing exemplars with feedback for students at different points of content mastery.
An AP Teacher Manual, available in print and online, which includes classroom activities, pacing guides, and a summary of concepts and themes covered in each chapter.

Program Components

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