Journalism Today

Grade Levels: 9-12
Journalism Today provides students with the instruction and tools to develop skills in the production of print and electronic journalistic media. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, analyzing, technology, planning, and production skills are integrated throughout the lessons. Features include writing assignments with specific strategies to help students work through each step in the writing process; examples from student newspapers and yearbooks throughout the country; journalists' testimonies about their career paths with advice for students interested in a career in journalism; and a professional guide to consistency in punctuation, abbreviation, and capitalization in their school publications.

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Section One: Journalism in a Democracy

  • Chapter 1 - Looking Back: The History of American Media
  • Chapter 2 - Meeting Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

Section Two: Gathering News for the School Newspaper

  • Chapter 3 - Deciding What is News
  • Chapter 4 - Organizing the Staff to Capture the News
  • Chapter 5 - Making the Interview Work

Section Three: Writing and Delivering the News

  • Chapter 6 - Writing News Story Leads
  • Chapter 7 - Writing News Stories and Headlines
  • Chapter 8 - Handling Quotes Fairly and Accurately
  • Chapter 9 - Doing In-Depth Reporting
  • Chapter 10 - Design and Layout

Section Four: Writing Features, Sports, and Editorials

  • Chapter 11 - Writing Feature Stories
  • Chapter 12 - Writing Sports Stories
  • Chapter 13 - Writing for the Editorial Page

Section Five: Other Aspects of Scholastic Journalism

  • Chapter 14 - Producing the Yearbook
  • Chapter 15 - Writing for Radio and Television
  • Chapter 16 - Understanding and Using Public Relations
  • Chapter 17 - Handling Finances: Advertising and Business

Section Six: Photography

  • Chapter 18 - Taking and Using Effective Photographs
  • Chapter 19 - Understanding Technical Aspects of Photography

Section Seven: Computers and Desktop Publishing

  • Chapter 20 - The Impact of Technology

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Program Components

  • Journalism Today, Workbook ATE
    Journalism Today, Workbook ATE
  • Journalism Today, Interactive Student Edition CD-ROM
    Journalism Today, Interactive Student Edition CD-ROM
  • Journalism Today, Student Workbook
    Journalism Today, Student Workbook
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