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SRA FLEX Literacy™ is a comprehensive Reading and Language Arts Intervention System for struggling readers, Grades 3 and above in Tier 2, 3, or 4.

SRA FLEX Literacy™ is built on a research-based instructional model to reach students of various reading levels, as low as Beginning Reading. Students are engaged as never before through high-interest interactive tools, technology, and rich text selections. Teachers are empowered to tailor instruction through ongoing assessment that provides true differentiated instruction. Administrators are equipped with the tools they need for critical decision making.

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About the Program

SRA FLEX Literacy™ consists of the Elementary system for Grades 3–5 and the Secondary system for Grades 6 and above. Both systems focus on teaching and developing literacy skills and strategies based on individual student needs. Each system contains the following components:

Implementation Guide

Demonstrates how the learning systems work across the three Experiences, provides correlations to Common Core State Standards, and includes implementation tips.

The Digital Experience

SRA FLEX Literacy™ Student Application— Provides individualized scaffolded instruction with embedded practice, assessment, remediation, and review.

FLEXWorks Online Teacher Tool—Provides everything teachers need for planning and classroom management and to integrate the three Experiences.

The Print Experience

Teacher Edition—Includes two volumes, 32 weeks of instruction each, for a total of two years of learning.

Student Interactive Reader—Enables students to access, connect to, and interact with text.

ePresentation—Enables teachers to model student responses.

Teacher Resource Book—Includes Blackline Masters for Critical Thinking Applications.

Tradebook Library—Includes leveled tradebooks for independent reading.

FLEXWorks Online Teacher Tool—Provides progress reports to inform individualized and differentiated instruction.

The Project Experience

Teacher Guides—Includes 20 different crosscurricular instruction guides, along with resource pages and much, much more.

 ePresentation—Builds student background knowledge and piques interest.

FLEXWorks Online Teacher Tool—Provides performance reports to inform instruction.

Program Components

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