Facts That Last

Use these four books as your cornerstone for teaching facts. By analyzing facts and grouping them into groups that yield a strategy for remembering them, students find it easier to memorize facts (and keep them memorized). Each book contains 7 strategies to help student learn facts, as well as activities, daily warm ups, and daily practice for each strategy. Short daily practice keeps facts fresh.

About the Program


  • Four 96-page teacher resource books that include reproducible student pages. There is one book on memorizing facts for each operation - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Each operation has seven strategies for remembering facts.
  • Facts that Last supports teacher in teaching facts in a systematic way; using "fact strategies". Research has shown that using fact strategies allows students to memorize their facts most efficiently.
  • Activities are engaging and focus students on the strategies. Each strategy includes one activity that lasts for a good part of a math period, and several daily practice sets that takes only 5 minutes a day for fact practice. This is an efficient and effective way to memorize facts.

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