Entrepreneurship: Building a Business © 2016

Grade Levels: 9-12
Entrepreneurship: Building a Business teaches students the business and academic skills they need to build and manage a successful 21st century business. The text focuses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, recognizing opportunities, determining the feasibility of a business idea, conducting market research, managing marketing strategies, and more. The 2016 copyright adds content on online advertising, social media marketing strategies, and crowdfunding. By the time students finish studying the book, they will have thought through every aspect of a comprehensive business plan. Features and activities found throughout the text help students to prepare for their futures and better understand the many factors affecting business success.

About the Program


  • Integrated Reading Strategies provide students with opportunities to preview the content before they read it, consider ways to connect topics to their own lives, and confirm their comprehension before progressing to the next topics.
  • Varied Assessment Options are provided through the book with end-of-unit and end-of-chapter review and activities. Along with customizable unit and chapter testbanks on ConnectED, the varied assessments enable you and your students to evaluate understanding.
  • Integrated Academics provides students opportunities to demonstrate a more nuanced understanding of content knowledge by solving academic applications involving business education subject matter. Cross-curricular activities are integrated throughout the program in features, assessments, and additional activities.
  • Project-Based Learning Activities are real-world applications of text concepts. They are rigorous and designed to be personalized by students in ways that make them relevant. They also help students build relationship skills at home, school, work, and in the community.
  • Differentiated Instruction provides options for all types of learners and of all levels of ability.
  • Point-of-use Lesson Plans and Activities provide a wealth of teaching options.

Entrepreneurship: Building a Business  © 2016 features online resources on the MHE ConnectED platform empowering teachers to easily teach program material, manage classroom assignments, and engage students. Teachers can access the student eBook, digital resources, assessment and planning tools in one convenient location. Print teacher editions are available print-on-demand on Create™.

Program Components

  • Glencoe Entrepreneurship: Building a Business, Online Teacher Center, 1 year subscription
    Glencoe Entrepreneurship: Building a Business, Online Teacher Center, 1 year subscription
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