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Grade Levels: 9-12
Inspire students to embrace their role in the community, state, country, and world as they engage in civil discourse on their way to becoming future-ready citizens.

About the Program

Develop Problem Solving Skills, Promote Financial Literacy

Inspire students to embrace their role in the community, state, country, and world as they engage in civil discourse on their way to becoming future-ready citizens. Prepare them to manage their finances and recognize how the economy influences their lives. Empower them to think critically, ask questions, and make an impact. 

The Student Experience
Compelling questions for each topic that encourage deep thought and reflection.
Inquiry-infused content that incorporates a variety of perspectives.
Activities that help students engage with present-day issues and affect change locally through informed action. 
A living library of updated program content that makes history relevant, including biweekly current event articles that link what students are learning to today's events. 
Engaging multimedia content, including brand new videos and interactive maps, audio files and more create authentic and engaging ways for students to experience the lesson.
Targeted, personalized learning that adapts to the needs of each student using SmartBook®. 

The Teacher Experience
Flexibility and Customizable Options
Engage students with a variety of hands-on projects and simulations that initiate active learning and deliver context through application and problem solving while promoting collaboration with peers. Featuring new data sets, charts, and graphs, including data from the 2020 census. 

The Digital Experience
Full Student Edition narrative with built-in tools including audio reads, full text search, highlighting, annotations, and notes. 
An Approaching Level version provides the core narrative at two grade levels lower than the On-Level version. It also includes additional support for students, especially for comprehending primary and secondary source excerpts. 
Assign a topic or lesson of the eBook to your students. Students may answer questions directly in the eBook and submit for review and grading. 
Interactives to increase student engagement such as video and audio clips, slide shows, interactive graphs and charts, drag and drop activities, and more. 
Access the eBook on any mobile device through the ReadAnywhere app. Download the lesson or chapter for offline access - no internet required.
SmartBook® delivers personalized, adaptive learning tailored for each student's individual needs by pinpointing knowledge gaps and focusing instruction on the concepts that require additional study. Teachers can assign a specific chapter, topic, or concept and access advanced reporting features that track individual and class progress with actionable insights to inform in-class instruction.


All Preassessment, Quizzes, and Tests from the Chapter Tests and Lesson Quizzes blackline master are available as printable PDFs in the digital courseware. 
Digital assessments may be assigned online and offer automatic grading on several question types. 
Customize your assessments, edit and existing assessment, or create your own. 

Digital Worksheets
Digital worksheets provide additional support and extend learning with:
Hands-On Topic Projects
Reading and Writing Essentials

Differentiation and Scaffolding throughout the program, including Reading and Writing Essentials.

Program Components

  • Economics, Student Edition
    Economics, Student Edition
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