Doors to Discovery

Grade Levels: PreK-PreK

Doors to Discovery is a Pre-kindergarten program that builds a foundation of oral language, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and concepts of print and a love of books. Literacy enriched learning centers provide a child-centered approach throughout the curriculum. Family literacy activities foster partnerships between the school, home, family, and teacher. Professional development supports the teacher with "at-your-fingertips" resources, in order to launch a love of literature.

Doors to Discovery

Through engaging storybooks, enchanting literacy-learning environments, and authentic discoveries, preschoolers are given the "keys" that will open the door to lifelong literacy. Teacher support throughout the Discovery Guide (TG) fosters built-in professional development and "at-your-fingertips" resources, in order to launch a love of literature!


  • Includes key elements of early literacy - Oral Language Development, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Knowledge, and Concepts of Print
  • Correlated to key national, state, and local guidelines, including: IRA/NAEYC position paper regarding predictors of literary success, High/Scope, and Creative Curriculum
  • Successfully implemented in a variety of early learning classrooms, including Head Start, private child care, public schools, and Early Reading First Centers of Excellence
  • Shared Literacy features = Each Exploration includes four (4) Big Books that focus on fiction, nonfiction, mathematical concepts, and interactive oral language and vocabulary development.
  • Developmentally appropriate activities engage children in differentiated learning centers that support literacy
  • Opportunities for parallel and integrated family learning activities that enrich, extend, and teach the curriculum, recognizing parents as the first "teachers" of their children
  • Assessment strategies are integrated into the Doors to Discovery program. A separate Assessment booklet accompanies each Exploration, complete with rationale, research, blackline masters and assessment management ideas.
  • Literacy Learning Centers – provide cross-curricular instruction; integration of play/imagination of children and teachers

Doors to Discovery includes eight (8) Explorations, sold together or separately:

  • New Place, New Faces
  • Vroom! Vroom!
  • Tabby Tiger's Diner
  • Build it Big!
  • Healthy Me!
  • Discovery Street
  • Our Water Wonderland
  • Backyard Detectives

Components (per unit):

  • 4 Big Books, 4 student books
  • 1 Teacher Guide
  • Big Scrapbook
  • Story Character Props
  • Audio CD
  • Song & Rhyme Posters
  • Activity Cards
  • Word Cards
  • Exploration At-A-Glance (poster)
  • Additional items include Sound, Rhyme, and Letter Time – Alphabet Posters, Alphabet Frieze, Sound, Rhyme, and Letter Time Teacher Notes; and an Assessment Handbook