Chemistry (Chang), AP* Edition © 2016

Grade Levels: 9-12

With its straightforward writing style and proven problem-solving strategies, Chemistry is ideal for the AP Chemistry classroom. Chapter-opening Essential Questions guide students in pinpointing essential AP content, including the Big Ideas they will study later in the chapter.

Chemistry (Chang), AP* Edition © 2016

Chemistry includes:

  • A Look Back at the AP Essential Knowledge, which reviews the most important chapter concepts.
  • The NEW AP Focus Review Guide workbook, which helps students review and apply the essential AP content covered in each chapter.
  • An AP Teacher's Manual that provides teaching strategies, suggested activities, and labs.
  • Connect® is an integrated learning system that contains SmartBook™, an adaptive eBook built on the LearnSmart™ engine. Connect® also offers AP Chemistry Chapter Banks that review chapter content using AP-style questions. All questions are correlated to the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework.
  • A downloadable eBook (available through ConnectED).

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