Algebra: Concepts and Applications, Volume 1 2007

Algebra: Concepts & Applications is a comprehensive Algebra 1 program that is available in full and two-volume editions.  Algebra: Concepts & Applications uses a clean lesson design with many detailed examples and straightforward narration that make Algebra 1 topics inviting and Algebra 1 content understandable. 
Volume 1 contains Chapters 1-8 of Algebra: Concepts & Applications plus an initial section called Chapter A. Chapter A includes a pretest, lessons on prerequisite concepts, and a posttest.

Designed for students who are challenged by high school mathematics, the 2007 edition has many new features and support components.

About the Program


  • Foldables™ are added to the beginning of the chapters for a unique way to enhance students’ study skills.
  • Concept Summaries highlight definitions, formulas, and other important ideas.
  • Homework Help with Extra Practice directs students to appropriate lesson examples to use as references for completing the exercises and to locate the appropriate additional practice pages.
  • Updated and new website links include: Self-Check Quizzes, Extra Examples, and Vocabulary Review games.


  • Chapter A: Pretest, Prerequisite Concept Lessons, Posttest
  • Chapter 1: The Language of Algebra
  • Chapter 2: Integers
  • Chapter 3: Addition and Subtraction Equations
  • Chapter 4: Multiplication and Division Equations
  • Chapter 5: Proportional Reasoning and Probability
  • Chapter 6: Functions and Graphs
  • Chapter 7: Linear Equations
  • Chapter 8: Powers and Roots


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