Essentials of Reading

Grade Levels: 13-13
Contemporary's Essentials of Reading is a six-book series that takes non-reading adults through the alphabet and numbers with the eventual goal of reading at a sixth grade level.

About the Program

Essentials of Reading is a series of six books that begins with a text for nonreading adults, by introducing the alphabet and numbers. With the successful completion of the posttest in Book 6, students should be able to read at the sixth grade level. All six books have been designed as stand-alone texts. Each text concludes with a posttest used to determine if students are ready for the next level.


  • Engage students with high-interest texts that utilize practical, real-world topics
  • Provide text that blends phonics and whole language to enhance students' cognitive understanding of the structure of the language and the meaning behind the text
  • Allow students to actively participate in their own learning with writing exercises throughout the series

Program Components

  • Essentials of Reading, Book 6
    Essentials of Reading, Book 6
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