Essentials for Algebra, SRA

Grade Levels: 7-12

Provide the essential knowledge that under-performing students need to tackle algebra with Essentials for Algebra. By using the highly-structured lessons in this year-long math intervention course, more of your students will master essential pre-algebra content and gain an understanding of introductory concepts found in traditional Algebra I classes. This program is ideal as a middle school or high school pre-algebra program.

Essentials for Algebra, SRA

SRA Essentials for Algebra offers a unique progression for introducing and expanding problem types. When a new skill or operation is introduced, it is presented in a highly structured, step-by-step manner. As students progress from one lesson to the next, the teacher provides less and less guidance. Work on new skills and problem types develops in small increments from lesson to lesson. Students are never overwhelmed and receive the practice needed to become skilled at solving complex problems independently.

Program Features:

  • Concentrates on core concepts and procedures needed for algebra or to prepare for high school exit exams
  • Carefully presents all the component skills and discriminations that students need to work complicated math problems
  • Provides far more practice on each problem type than traditional programs offer
  • Content starts with basic information and systematically adds details and extensions, enabling students to solve complex problems
  • Uniform solution strategies allow struggling students to learn advanced mathematical content in the minimum amount of time
  • Teaching techniques maximize the amount of time that students are engaged in application and practice