Direct Instruction Professional Development Video Series 2002

The Direct Instruction Professional Development Video Series is designed for ongoing professional support that explains Direct Instruction, details the method’s research-based practices, and shows how these practices are applied in the classroom.  This video-based training series provides additional training in an accessible, reusable format.

About the Program

The Direct Instruction Professional Development Video Series supports educators as they grow and mature within their profession. The first tape, Introducing Direct Instruction, provides a straightforward explanation of the education approach found in Direct Instruction programs. The remaining five tapes, Following Scripted Lessons, Using Signals, Correcting Errors Effectively, Assessing Student Progress, and Monitoring the Classroom – provide more detailed information about specific research-based practices and show how these practices are effectively implemented in the classroom.

This video series Makes the Difference!

  • Convenient videotape format allows teachers to conduct effective in-service anytime and anywhere.
  • Actual classroom footage familiarizes teachers and parents with Direct Instruction.
  • Practical, down-to-earth review of teaching formats helps teachers become more effective.
  • Reusable format gives teachers a dynamic and informative learning tool year after year.

Program Components

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