Reading for Understanding

Grade Levels: 1-12

Improve students' overall reading comprehension with Reading for Understanding, an individualized supplemental program that also strengthens inferential, critical-thinking, and reasoning skills.

Reading for Understanding

Reading for Understanding uses exercises in graduated levels of difficulty to develop vital reading comprehension skills in grades 1-12. Students learn to read with precision while refining their problem solving abilities - all at their own pace.


  • Encourages students to use problem-solving approaches to assist with skill development
  • Encourages independent development as students work at their own pace
  • Complete kits with exercises and immediate feedback, reinforces learning for grades 1-12
  • Incorporates easily into any classroom as students start at the appropriate level
  • Placement Tests and Teacher Handbooks help properly diagnose beginning levels, evaluate progress, and assist with skill development
  • Students in grades 1-3 analyze, draw conclusions, make inferences, and predict outcomes in more than 1,000 reading exercises
  • Students in grades 3-12 refine critical thinking skills, compare and contrast, use cause and effect, and distinguish specific from general in over 3,000 reading exercises
  • Students track their own performance in their consumable Student Record Book
  • Excellent test preparation program!