Wild Side - Beyond Belief

Grade Levels: 6-12
The Wild Side mesmerizes students with astonishing tales of true-life adventures. One appreciative teacher writes: "I have difficulty removing the books from their hands at the end of the period!" Follow-up questions reinforce key comprehension skills and critical thinking questioms encourage students to consider the author's purpose, make inferences, identify cause and effect, and make predictions. Students eagerly learn without realizing how well-designed the series is for reinforcing state reading standards. The lessons are designed for reading levels 4-6.

About the Program


  • Motivate students with high-interest selections at a middle-level readability
  • Improve proficiency in reading nonfiction
  • Prepare students for state and national tests using critical thinking questions

Program Components

  • The Wild Side: Teacher Notes and Answer Key
    The Wild Side: Teacher Notes and Answer Key
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