Problem-Driven Math

Problem-Driven Math is designed to give teachers instruction, practice, and support for delivering problem-solving and reasoning strategies to their students. Extensive student support for each problem listed in the text is provided illustrating teaching tips, discussion questions, additional assessment problems, problem-solving strategies, and more! The authors, Stephen Krulik and Jesse A. Rudnick, are also the authors of the award winning Roads to Reasoning series.  Problem-Driven Math addresses the NCTM Content Standards for Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability

About the Program

Problem-Driven Math uses a whimsical approach to teaching problem-solving. This text is purposely designed to provide students with fun, humorous, and engaging problem-solving activities. Problem-Driven Math also goes beyond teaching how to arrive at the solution, but to understand the process and concepts behind the process.


  • Develops mathematical concepts while reinforcing algorithmic skills
  • Allows teachers to coordinate problems with their textbook teaching sequence
  • Clearly defines the mathematics in each problem
  • Includes embedded professional development to assist teachers at all levels of experience
  • Provides ‘models’ for teaching and illustrating key mathematical concepts

Program Components

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