Grade Levels: 3-4

This resource will help students improve mental math skills, raise test scores and elevate mathematics beyond recall to an overall understanding of number sense and effective problem-solving strategies. Mathementals provides both developmental and repetitive practice in mental computation skills to help students achieve computational fluency. A review at the end of the activities relates to each operation, and each review is followed by a one-page game or puzzle. Students learn to develop their own range of mental strategies for each operation, and they gain understanding and flexibility in number and operations.


Each book, Grades 2-6, includes all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Grade 1 book features addition and subtraction.

Use Mathementals

  • for building and solidifying basic computational fluency
  • for additional practice in basic skills and mental computation on an individual, small group, or whole class basis
  • to sharpen problem-solving skills