Groundworks Reasoning about Measurement

Grade Levels: 2-7

Based on NCTM recommendations and guidelines, Groundworks: Reasoning About Measurement uses engaging, innovative activities to complement any full-year mathematics program. Discussion questions and solutions, along with reproducible student pages of varying difficulty, help teachers tailor instruction to meet individual student needs. Includes easy-to-use teacher tips to save valuable preparation time!

Groundworks Reasoning about Measurement

The five big ideas of measurement are presented: units, measurement sense, conversions, scale, and formulas. Fifteen 8-page sections relate to these five big ideas. Each section contains teacher information, six reproducible student pages, and solutions for all problems. The teacher information includes teaching help/tips for the first student problem and the six reproducible student pages are based on the same activity, ranging from easier to harder.


  • Engaging innovative activities based on the latest recommendations from NCTM
  • Complements any full-year mathematics program
  • Continues the popular features of Groundworks: Algebra by dividing measurement content into 6 key topics for each grade level
  • Provides embedded teacher support