Storyteller Lift the Flaps Books

Grade Levels: PreK-K

Lift the Flaps Concept Books invite PreK-K children to guess, interact, and enjoy books while the content develops a host of early concepts. Counting, identifying and naming shapes and colors, and classifying the weather and common pets are the jumping-off points for a variety of oral language development opportunities. The books invite children to lift the flaps throughout the stories, revealing the answers to questions. This fun feature is a creative way to help develop oral language skills in young students.

Storyteller Lift the Flaps Books

Storyteller Lift the Flaps Concept Books Set includes:

  • 1 each of 6 lap books

The following titles are available in this configuration and individually:

  • All About Colors
  • All About Counting
  • All About Shapes
  • Bend! Stretch! Jump!
  • Guess My Pet
  • Guess the Weather