Foundations Word Family Books

Foundations Word Family books can help students master early reading skills and recognize important word families and high-frequency words. The words appear in the text and are also hidden in the illustrations so students can have fun finding them. Your students are sure to enjoy learning with word families presented in such a clever and creative way!

About the Program


Books feature the following word families:

-ot Auntie Dot’s Pot
-a Auntie Jan’s Plan
-ug The Bee and the Bug
-ine Betty Bline
-ake Billy Drake’s Cake
-ing Bobby Fling 
-ump Bump! Bump! Bump! 
-ink Clink! Clink! Clink! 
-ice Do You Like Rice? 
-ate Don’t Be Late
-at Dora Blat’s Cat
-ap Follow the Map
-ig Guinea Pig
-ank Hank’s Tank
-in  I Am a Twin
-it  I Cannot Fit! 
-ide  Mike and His Bride 
-est My Nest
-uck Out of Luck! 
-ip Peter Paper Clip
-op Pop
-ack Quack! Quack! Quack! 
-ell Show and Tell
-unk Skunk in the Trunk
-oke Slowpoke
-am The Tram Ride
-ill Uncle Bill Is Feeling Ill
-ock Under the Clock
-ame We Look the Same
-et What Did I Get

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