Amazing Americans

This engaging series of leveled biographies brings history to life by profiling a diverse group of Americans in addition to the traditional heroes. By focusing on poignant moments as well as public triumphs, Amazing Americans makes paragons of American history feel accessible and real. Text features such as Counterpoint and Leap Back in Time encourage students to evaluate information, make comparisons, and apply higher-order thinking skills.

About the Program

Each book features:

  • 1500+ words
  • Nonfiction Text Access Features
  • Link to Social Studies Standards
  • Author’s Note
  • Historical Time Line
  • Engaging, strong beginning paragraph
  • “In their own words” quotes
  • Counterpoint Sidebar (opposing views)

Each book has an accompanying four-panel lesson plan that offers explicit reading instruction including:

  • Specific comprehension strategies
  • Identification of nonfiction organizational patterns and text features
  • Teacher think-alouds
  • Reproducible graphic organizers
  • Nonfiction writing activities

Program Components

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Additional Details & Resources

Sample Lessons

Revolutionary Period Era (1754-1790)

Civil War and Reconstruction Era (1850-1877)

The Rise of Industry Era (1870-1900)

The Great Depression and WWII Era (1929-1945)

Post-War United States Era (1945-1970)

Contemporary United States Era (1968-Present)