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Chris Freiler’s vast experience with the changes to the new AP European History course and exam informed this revision of his best-selling Achiever Exam Prep Guide for AP European History. Filled with up-to-date content, new AP-style test practice questions, and available paired with Connect® for an all-digital experience, the Achiever Exam Prep Guide is still the best resource for AP students using any AP European History textbook.

About the Program

Outstanding features include:

  • Detailed overview of the new course and exam
  • Up-to-date strategies for success on the AP European History Exam
  • Focused content review chapters with additional AP-style practice questions for each time period in Connect® with diagnostic reporting
  • Two NEW complete practice exams available in print and online with detailed scoring rubrics and answer feedback

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Additional Details & Resources

SECTION 1 Studying for the Exam

  • CHAPTER 1 The Structure of the AP Exam
  • CHAPTER 2 Strategies for Success
  • CHAPTER 3 The Rise of Europe

SECTION 2 Content Review

  • CHAPTER 4 The Renaissance and Reformation
  • CHAPTER 5 Economic Expansion, Social Change, and Religious Wars, 1550-1650
  • CHAPTER 6 The Scientific View of the World
  • CHAPTER 7 Absolutism and the Balance of Power in West and East, 1640-1740
  • CHAPTER 8 The Struggle for Wealth and Empire
  • CHAPTER 9 The Enlightenment and Dynamic Eighteenth-Century
  • CHAPTER 10 The French Revolution and Napoleonic Era, 1789-1815
  • CHAPTER 11 Industrial Society and the Struggle for Reform, 1815-1850
  • CHAPTER 12 Realism, Nationalism, and Imperialism, 1850-1914
  • CHAPTER 13 The Challenge of Modern Europe, 1850-1914
  • CHAPTER 14 The First World War and Russian Revolution
  • CHAPTER 15 Democracy, Totalitarianism, and the Second World War, 1919-1945
  • CHAPTER 16 The Cold War and European Recovery
  • CHAPTER 17 Contemporary European Society and Culture
  • CHAPTER 18 Practice Question Answers and Explanations

SECTION 3 Practice Exams

  • Practice Exam 1
  • Practice Exam 2