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Exploring Our World is a middle school program co-authored by National Geographic. This program introduces students to an enriched view of the interrelationships of geography, history, economics, government, citizenship, and current events—in one compelling package. A strong geographic thread is interwoven with history, government, and current events to analyze different regions of the world and the issues they face.

Suitable for a world geography or world cultures class, Exploring Our World is available as a full survey; Eastern Hemisphere; and Western Hemisphere, Europe, and Russia.

About the Program


Unit 1 The World

  • Chapter 1 Using Geography Skills
  • Chapter 2 Earth’s Physical Geography
  • Chapter 3 Earth’s Human and Cultural Geography

Unit 2 The United States and Canada

  • Chapter 4 Physical Geography of the United States and Canada
  • Chapter 5 History and Cultures of the United States and Canada
  • Chapter 6 The United States and Canada Today

Unit 3  Latin America

  • Chapter 7 Physical Geography of Latin America
  • Chapter 8 History and Cultures of Latin America
  • Chapter 9 Latin America Today

Unit 4  Europe

  • Chapter 10 Physical Geography of Europe
  • Chapter 11 History and Cultures of Europe
  • Chapter 12 Europe Today

Unit 5  Russia

  • Chapter 13 Physical Geography of Russia
  • Chapter 14 History and Cultures of Russia
  • Chapter 15 Russia Today

Program Components

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