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Alan Brinkley’s American History: Connecting with the Past, UPDATED AP Edition fully addresses the latest AP U.S. History curriculum, providing students with guidance and support to master key concepts and themes, and succeed on the AP U.S. History Exam. The balanced approach focuses on political, social, and cultural history and its relevancy.

About the Program

• Full coverage and a wealth of support for AP.
• AP-level chapter openers direct students’ attention to key
   concepts and help students understand the big picture.
• Historical Argumentation questions feature AP-level prompts to
   help students evaluate historical arguments and use evidence.
• AP test practice within each chapter and expanded online test
   banks help students prepare for rigor of the exam.
• A newly revised AP Teacher Manual with pacing guides,
   practice questions, and activities is included.

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Additional Details & Resources

  • CHAPTER 1 The Collision of Cultures

  • CHAPTER 2 Transplantations and Borderlands

  • CHAPTER 3 Society and Culture in Provincial America

  • CHAPTER 4 The Empire in Transition

  • CHAPTER 5 The American Revolution

  • CHAPTER 6 The Constitution and the New Republic

  • CHAPTER 7 The Jeffersonian Era

  • CHAPTER 8 Varieties of American Nationalism

  • CHAPTER 9 Jacksonian America

  • CHAPTER 10 America’s Economic Revolution

  • CHAPTER 11 Cotton, Slavery, and the Old South

  • CHAPTER 12 Antebellum Culture and Reform

  • CHAPTER 13 The Impending Crisis

  • CHAPTER 14 The Civil War

  • CHAPTER 15 Reconstruction and the New South

  • CHAPTER 16 The Conquest of the Far West

  • CHAPTER 17 Industrial Supremacy<

  • CHAPTER 18 The Age of the City

  • CHAPTER 19 From Crisis to Empire

  • CHAPTER 20 The Progressive Era

  • CHAPTER 21 America and the Great War

  • CHAPTER 22 The New Era

  • CHAPTER 23 The Great Depression

  • CHAPTER 24 The New Deal

  • CHAPTER 25 The Global Crisis, 1921-1941

  • CHAPTER 26 America in a World at War

  • CHAPTER 27 The Cold War

  • CHAPTER 28 The Affluent Society

  • CHAPTER 29 Civil Rights, Vietnam, and the Ordeal of Liberalism

  • CHAPTER 30 The Crisis of Authority

  • CHAPTER 31 From “The Age of Limits” to the Age of Reagan

  • CHAPTER 32 The Age of Globalization