Castro, Marine Science © 2016

Grade Levels: 9-12

Adapted from the highly successful and respected Marine Biology text by Peter Castro Ph.D. and Michael Huber Ph.D., Marine Science ©2016 broadens its coverage with the addition of three new oceanography chapters to help students better understand the oceans' physical aspects.

Castro, Marine Science © 2016

This expanded content coupled with a stunning new design, learning system, updated features, data analysis labs, NEW lab manual, and comprehensive digital package make Marine Science the ideal fit for a high school marine science course.

This edition offers:

  • Connect® with SmartBook® adaptive reading experience and Inquiry Activities
  • Chapter Banks correlated to the Ocean Literacy Standards
  • NEW Marine Science Lab Manual with 34 labs that do not require ocean access and are ideal for any classroom
  • A robust Teacher's Manual with a detailed pacing guide, chapter summaries, Key Question & Vocabulary Activities, and Chapter Projects
  • A downloadable eBook available through ConnectED