Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States © 2013

Grade Levels: 6-8

Bring the people, issues, and events of yesterday to life for the students of today with the first truly integrated print and digital curriculum for Middle School U.S. History. Networks combines print resources grounded in solid pedagogy with a full suite of teaching and learning tools for a flexible, customized learning experience.

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Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States © 2013

McGraw-Hill networks meets you wherever you are today in the use of classroom technology and takes you wherever you’re going on the digital spectrum. Whether your school uses print, digital, or a combination of both, Networks combines resources into a seamless educational experience.

  • Trusted core print Student Edition and Teacher Edition
  • Dynamic digital resources for students and teachers
  • Robust management, communication, and collaboration tools

Each link in the Networks program provides you with the content and tools you need.

  • Powerful, standards-based curriculum to ensure mastery
  • Hands-on, interactive activities to bring abstract concepts to life
  • Project-based learning opportunities to increase critical thinking, engagement, and academic skill development

eAssessment - 2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist

Everything you need to administer tests and track data – completely online! Included as part of your McGraw-Hill Education program purchase, eAssessment contains a robust test generator, differentiated online administration options, complete CCSS reporting capabilities and easy access from any device.

2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist