Earth iScience © 2012

Grade Levels: 6-8

Designed for today's tech-savvy middle school students, the McGraw-Hill Education iScience program offers hands-on investigations, rigorous science content, and engaging, real-world applications to make science fun, exciting, and stimulating.

With iScience you can teach with confidence. Trust McGraw-Hill Education to deliver a truly comprehensive solution that provides the academic rigor and scientific accuracy you need, and the relevant hands-on learning opportunities and dynamic digital resources students want.

Earth iScience © 2012

We are your partner in delivering a balanced learning experience to meet the needs of your diverse 21st century students. The McGraw-Hill Education iScience program engages students with project-based learning activities to demonstrate how science solves real-world problems.

With iScience, you are equipped to:

  • Meet science standards Performance Expectations (PEs)
  • Integrate scientific and engineering practices into your science classroom
  • Apply the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs)

We firmly believe that the betterment of people, communities, and the world is grounded in education without limits—exclusive to no one, personalized to everyone.

eAssessment - 2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist

Everything you need to administer tests and track data – completely online! Included as part of your McGraw-Hill Education program purchase, eAssessment contains a robust test generator, differentiated online administration options, complete CCSS reporting capabilities and easy access from any device.

2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist