Today's Teen, Student Edition 7 - 9 9780078463693
Today's Teen, Student Edition

Today's Teen, Student Edition

Grade Levels: 7 - 9
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2004
Publication Date: January 8, 2003
MHID: 0078463696
ISBN 13: 9780078463693

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New Features

Comprehensive program for grades 7-9 emphasizes practical skills today's teens need. Students learn necessary skills from an upbeat, reader-friendly text.

Encourages practical, hands-on learning. Students become engaged, active learners.

Offers flexible course organization so teachers can choose Units/Chapters in any sequence to fit course needs.

Today's Teen, Student Edition

Unit 1: You and Your World

Chapter 1 Reaching Your Potential

Chapter 2 Growing and Changing

Chapter 3 Building Character

Chapter 4 Taking Responsible Action

Unit 2: Exploring Careers

Chapter 5 Pathways to Careers

Chapter 6 Workplace Skills

Chapter 7 Entering the World of Work

Unit 3: Building Relationship Skills

Chapter 8 Respecting Others

Chapter 9 Communication Skills

Chapter 10 Conflict Resolution

Chapter 11 Dealing with Peer Pressure

Unit 4: Your Friends and Family

Chapter 12 Quality Friendships

Chapter 13 Going Out with Friends

Chapter 14 Building Strong Families

Chapter 15 Family Changes and Challenges

Unit 5: Relating to Children

Chapter 16 How Children Grow

Chapter 17 Caring for Children

Chapter 18 Understanding Parenting

Unit 6: Managing Your Life

Chapter 19 The Balancing Act

Chapter 20 Managing Money

Chapter 21 Living with Technology

Chapter 22 Making Consumer Choices

Chapter 23 Conserving the Environment

Unit 7: Your Health and Wellness

Chapter 24 Good Health

Chapter 25 Staying Fit

Chapter 26 Health Risks

Chapter 27 Personal Safety

Unit 8: Food and Nutrition

Chapter 28 How Nutrients Work

Chapter 29 Guidelines for Healthy Eating

Chapter 30 Making Food Choices

Chapter 31 Buying and Storing Food

Chapter 32 Eating Together

Unit 9: Working in the Kitchen

Chapter 33 Kitchen Equipment

Chapter 34 Safety and Sanitation

Chapter 35 Recipes and Measuring

Chapter 36 Quick Meals and Snacks

Chapter 37 Basic Cooking Techniques

Chapter 38 Preparing Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables

Chapter 39 Preparing Protein and Dairy Foods

Unit 10: Clothing

Chapter 40 Clothing that Suits You

Chapter 41 Fibers to Fabrics

Chapter 42 Caring for Clothing

Chapter 43 Sewing Equipment

Chapter 44 Preparing to Sew

Chapter 45 Basic Sewing Techniques

Unit 11: Housing and Interiors

Chapter 46 Where You Live

Chapter 47 Decorating Living Space

Chapter 48 A Clean, Safe Home

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