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Teaching Reading with Jamestown

Teaching Reading with Jamestown

Grade Levels: 6 - 12
By McGraw-Hill
Copyright: 2004
Publication Date: March 20, 2003
MHID: 0078457475
ISBN 13: 9780078457470

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Key Features

Key components of reading instruction

Classroom management techniques

Lesson planning ideas

Skils and strategies minilessons to use with any reading materials

Ideas for incorporating Jamestown books into your reading class

Placement tests fit Jamestown books to students' needs

IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts

Glossary of reading terms

Graphic organizers to use with any reading materials

Teaching Reading with Jamestown

Teaching Reading with Jamestown

Key Components of Reading Instruction

Vocabulary Building

Memory Techniques

Vocabulary Activities

Explicit Instruction of Reading Skills and Strategies

Daily Reading

Fluency Practice


Classroom Management

Organizing Instruction

Instructional Methods

Reciprocal Teaching


Instructional Groupings

Cooperative Learning Methods


Lesson Planning

Before Readng

Acquire Critical Vocabulary

Activate Prior Knowledge

Preview the Selection

Set a Purpose for Reading

During Reading

Guided Reading

Reading Arrangements

Six Active Reading Strategies

After Reading

Facilitating the Jamestown Exercises

Extending the Pre-reading Themes



Making Connections

Strategy Combinations

KWL: Especially for Reading Nonfiction

SQ3R: For Reading Textbooks

Story Map: For Reading Fiction

Skills and Strategies Minilessons

Monitoring Comprehension

Fix-Up Word Strategies

Context Clues

Word Parts: Prefixes and Suffixes


QAR: Question-Answer Relationship

Main Idea and Supporting Details

Text Structures

Text Structure: Sequence (Time Order)

Text Structure: Classification

Text Structure: Cause and Effect

Text Structure: Comparison and Contrast



Reading with Jamestown

Critical Reading and The Wild Side

Five-Star Stories

Signature Reading

Best Series

Jamestown's Reading Improvement Series

Timed Readings

Six-Way Paragraphs

English, YES!

Reading Fluency

Comprehension Skills

The Contemporary Reader



Jamestown Placement Test

IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts


Graphic Organizers

KWL Chart

Story Map

Main Ideas Map

Flow Chart

Single Cause with Multiple Effects

Cause-and-Effect Chain

Venn Diagram

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