Language for Learning, Presentation Book A PreK - 2 9780076094233

Language for Learning is a comprehensive oral language program that teaches essential concepts and skills that children need to succeed in school. The program provides carefully sequenced lessons to help students:

  • Learn vocabulary commonly used by teachers, as well as by textbooks and other instructional material
  • Develop precise knowledge of "little," but important, words such as first, next, between, who, what, and where
  • Use different sentence forms, ask and answer questions, and follow instructions
  • Acquire important background information and world-knowledge, such as days of the week, months, and seasons
  • Figure out the logical aspects of language, such as classification and "if-then" reasoning

Spiral Bound Presentation Books contain daily lessons, directions for workbook activities, and stories and poems written especially for the program.

Language for Learning, Presentation Book A

Language for Learning, Presentation Book A

National EDITION
Grade Levels: PreK - 2
MHID: 0076094235 |  ISBN 13: 9780076094233
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