Jamestown's Signature Reading, Level D https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/0809204282.jpeg 6 - 12 9780809204281
Jamestown's Signature Reading, Level D

Jamestown's Signature Reading, Level D

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 6 - 12
MHID: 0809204282 |  ISBN 13: 9780809204281

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Key Features

Interactive reading program for students in grades 4-12. Sequential reading program develops an entire range of reading strategies for a variety of students and abilities.

Helps students understand both what they read and how they should read it. Students are taught the invaluable tools needed to identify, define, and interpret different types of literature.

Each book contains these main comprehension, study, literary, and word-study strategies:

  • Recognizing Main Ideas
  • Making Inferences
  • Identifying Causes and Effects
  • Identifying Problems and Solutions
  • Comparing and Contrasting/Classifying
  • Following Sequence/Steps in a Process
  • Recognizing Content-area Materials
  • Using Graphic Aids/Organizers
  • Recognizing Literary Forms
  • Recognizing Literary Elements
  • Word Study/Vocabulary

Each lesson provides instruction, reinforcement, independent practice, and self-assessment of a particular set of strategies. Allows students to internalize a solid set of strategies that they can apply independetly in various reading situations. Students can work by themselves or with others, and with or without a teacher.

Engaging selections in a variety of genres. High interest/low readability selections are content-appropriate for students' ages and interests.

Graduated readability in each book enables student growth. Each book starts two levels below grade level and progresses in difficulty to an on-level readability.

Nine levels to choose from. Students strengthen important reading strategies through a series of hands-on, practical methods appropriate for their ability level.

Jamestown's Signature Reading, Level D

Jamestown's Signature Reading

Level D Student Text

How to Use this Book

Lesson 1: "The Hole in the Road" by Helen Ketteman
Identifying Problems and Solutions

Lesson 2: "Laughter is Good Medicine"
Reading an Informational Article

Lesson 3: "The Visitor" by Katherine Ayres
Following Sequence

Lesson 4: "Dogs Who 'Think'"
Reading an Informational Article

Lesson 5: "Wagon Wheels" by Barbara Brenner
Drawing Conclusions

Learning New Words

Lesson 6: "Grandaddy's Place" by Helen V. Griffith
Drawing Conclusions about Characters

Lesson 7: "Ostriches, or The Birds Nobody Noticed" by Angela Mackworth-Young
Identifying Causes and Effects

Lesson 8: "What Makes a Bird a Bird?" by May Garelick
Comparing and Contrasting

Lesson 9: "Petronella" (Part 1) by Jay Williams
Mapping the Elements of a Story

Lesson 10: "Petronella" (Part 2) by Jay Williams
Using Story Elements to Make Predictions

Learning New Words

Lesson 11: "The Pudding Like a Night on the Sea" by Ann Cameron
Making Predictions

Lesson 12: "Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll" by Franklin M. Branley
Identifying Sequence

Lesson 13: "On Bicycles" by Kyle Carter
Outlining a Selection

Lesson 14: "Greg LeMond" by Jim O'Connor
Reading a Biographical Sketch

Lesson 15: "Harriet Tubman" by Margo McLoone
Reading a Biography

Learning New Words

Lesson 16: "The Drinking Gourd" (Part 1) by F.N. Monjo
Summarizing a Story

Lesson 17: "The Drinking Gourd" (Part 2) by F.N. Monjo
Using Summaries to Make Predictions

Lesson 18: "The Stars: Lights in the Night Sky" by Jeanne Bendick
Summarizing Main Ideas in Nonfiction

Lesson 19: "The Fisherman Who Wanted a Knife" by Marie Winn
Identifying Problems and Solutions

Lesson 20: "All Kinds of Money" by Robert Young
Outlining Main Ideas and Supporting Details

Learning New Words

Graphing Your Progress

Glossary of Terms