Cursive Writing Program, Student Workbook 2 - 4 9780076003501
The Cursive Writing Program is a 140-lesson program that not only teaches students to write in cursive, but how to write faster and more accurately. Easy to teach lessons include concise instructional plans, and simplified manuscripts make cursive writing easy and almost effortless to learn. The Cursive Writing Program's model and practice strategies emphasize showing rather than telling, and the program's teacher-directed lessons and teaching principles make classroom instruction effective.

With The Cursive Writing Program, you can build handwriting skills so students can focus on meaning and expression. In addition:

  • Fully scripted lessons help you introduce strokes and guide letter formation
  • A simplified orthography reduces unnecessary frills
  • Slant bars in the workbook prompt correct spacing
  • Emphasis on high-frequency words and letter combinations increases writing speed
  • Timed practice sessions prepare students to write quickly and neatly in testing situations
  • At-a-glance references support better handwriting everyday
Cursive Writing Program, Student Workbook

Cursive Writing Program, Student Workbook

National EDITION
Grade Levels: 2 - 4
MHID: 0076003507 |  ISBN 13: 9780076003501
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