Texas Social Studies

Meets You Anywhere, Takes You Everywhere

A balance of print and digital resources ensures you have a wide range of flexible options for instruction.

  • Built to the TEKS
  • Engages students with interactive resources and connections to today
  • Includes rigorous, differentiated learning for every student

Meet the TEKS and Master the Content

Texas Networks narrative fully meets the TEKS with a Student Learning Center that draws your students into the content.

Empower All Students

Each Texas Networks program supports teachers in meeting each student where they are and taking them where they need to be with print and digital resources including LearnSmart®, a fully adaptive reading and learning experience.

Teach Your Way

Streamline planning, teaching, and assessment with a print Teacher’s Edition and an easy-to-use Teacher Lesson Center featuring ready-made lesson plans, activities at point-of-use, differentiation strategies, and customization options for traditional or project-based learning and instruction.

Middle School Programs

High School Programs