Pedagogy for Texas Literacy

Pedagogy for Texas Wonders

Supports Multiple Approaches

Student and teacher choice are at the heart of Texas Wonders. Resources were designed to support you and your entire classroom as you teach your way—whether you follow our recommended pathway of instruction or create your own workshop lessons using our resources.

Texas Wonders:

  • Makes it easy to integrate your favorite resources or use our resources with your preferred approach or framework – including workshop-focused, blended learning, project-based learning, and authentic literature-focused.
  • Helps you choose your pathway with resources for modeled reading, shared reading, guided reading, and independent practice and application in every new week or text set.
  • Focuses on student-centered learning, small-group teaching, and minilessons with embedded support for English Language Learners, gifted and talented students, and students in need of Tier 2 support.
  • Provides resources and tools that meet students where they are and take them where they need to be, in both print and digital formats –100% print, 100% digital, or anywhere in between.
  • Bases instruction on research—and is dedicated to putting best practices into the daily routines of your classroom.

Pedagogy for Texas Maravillas

To offer equity of academic content, the instructional plans, genre studies, themes, skills, strategies, and test preparation for Texas Maravillas mirror those of Texas Wonders. The following is unique to Texas Maravillas.

Authentic Spanish Literature

These culturally relevant texts include authentic Spanish literature by well-known, award-winning authors from across the globe. All selections are connected to the grade’s genre text sets, all with matching Lesson Cards for small-group or independent use.

Workshop Experience for Texas Wonders and Texas Maravillas

Interactive Read Aloud

Create community in the classroom. Provide a model of good reading and motivate students to read on their own. Our elementary literacy programs develop background knowledge and boost comprehension and vocabulary—while promoting critical thinking skills and developing oral language.

  • Listening comprehension
  • Setting intention
  • The Essential Question

Texas StudySync 6–8 Literacy Pedagogy

Writing with Embedded Grammar

  • Student writing models track the evolution of a peer’s writing as students work on their own.
  • Writing skills lessons break the writing process down into discrete writing tasks.
  • Anonymous peer review creates an authentic audience for student writing.
  • Embedded grammar instruction links mechanics and conventions to student writing tasks.
  • A dynamic digital binder keeps a portfolio of all student work that follows them from grade to grade.