South Carolina Inspire Biology

Overview of  South Carolina Inspire Biology

South Carolina Inspire Biology empowers students to explore, learn, and evaluate from our world’s natural phenomena by bringing science off the page, going beyond the classroom, and providing hands-on learning experiences. Through the facilitation of in-depth, project-based learning, tapping into student curiosity, and encouraging creative-problem solving, teachers help students make connections to the real-world, deepen their understanding, and prepare them for career and college readiness.

Components of  South Carolina Inspire Biology

Student Edition

The Inspire Biology Student Edition provides a collaborative, project-based learning experience. Through inquiry-based and hands-on investigations of real-world phenomenon, students will construct explanations for scientific phenomenon and design solutions for those real-world problems.

Teacher Edition

With all the information needed to plan and deliver instruction, the Inspire Biology Teacher Edition provides comprehensive support for standards-based instruction.

Digital Student and Teacher Center

South Carolina Inspire Biology provides teachers with easy to find digital resources to engage students and foster a truly immersive educational experience for students.